Lil Boi Skip. (riotpixiestyle) wrote,
Lil Boi Skip.

Hey you

Hey there, Buddy. It's been quite some time since I chatted with you. I just left you a comment on your livejournal... I still go there from time to time because it's a piece of you since you wrote those blogs. Goddamn, I miss you so ridiculously much. It will be 6 years this year since you left me. You would have been 25 this summer. I don't even really know what all to say. So much has happened.. 6 years, that's a long time. I still remember our adventures as if they were yesterday though. I still remember your voice. I remember your apartment and your dog... I remember when you made me walk through Terrors of the Deep, even though you knew I HATED sharks and specifically told you I would never ever go into that damn tunnel. I remember our dates at Pointe Orlando.. dinner and a movie. I could not tell you ONE movie we saw, I was too nervous haha. I remember... man, you know.... I just remember everything. I'll always remember it. You were my first true love. You were my best friend. I'd do anything for you. I hope that you are happy wherever you are. I know you're watching over me. I know you know I think about you. And I know you're thinking "damn, you're so repetitive". I know I am.. I'm just a little sad right now, so things are just stringing along.
Anyhow.. time to stop being said.
I just wanted to say hi, baby. And I miss you. I love you.
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