Lil Boi Skip. (riotpixiestyle) wrote,
Lil Boi Skip.

Oh, Pandora

I have to go to the bathroom soooo bad, but someone is taking a shower. At least... they were. I have my headphones on, listening to music, so they very well may have finished their shower. I will investigate this further when I finish this thing.

So lately, it's been tough. But when is it not tough? I guess the older you get, the more you just realize that 'Life's a Bitch' and you just deal with it. I had a whopper of crap within the last 8 or so weeks, though. I don't really want to get into it too much right now, but things are getting easier I reckon. We shall see.

I just wanted to give a quick update before posting something more substantial. I hope everyone is doing well.
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