Lil Boi Skip. (riotpixiestyle) wrote,
Lil Boi Skip.

Ding Dong

Where have all the cowboys gooone?
You know, back in the day... It was pretty catchy. I admit it, I like the stupid song.
This is the first time I stayed up so late playing in the computer in quite some time.
My eyes are mad at me. They might as well be hissing like demon kitties.. I should find some eyedrops to content them.
Where are all my peoples?
I spent a long time looking through old journal entries from a long long time ago.
I miss playing with this thing. and I miss the friends who used to read this that I would converse with.
Converse with me!
It will be fun, I swear.
It's true.
Why does it not snow in NY when Skippies are here?
Aye dios mio.
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