Lil Boi Skip. (riotpixiestyle) wrote,
Lil Boi Skip.


It felt like time to update this devil journal. I suck at journaling, I swear. I remember when livejournal was the it thing(myspace of the 90's and early 2000's lol). Ah well.

So things are decent.. the weather confused me today because it couldn't seem to make up it's mind. New York is an odd bug. I miss Florida. I have a lot of confusion in my head on where i really want to be and/or what I really want to be doing... I wanna go back to florida. someday. that is where i will end up, i'm pretty sure. it's not so bad down there. but i don't think i'm ready to go back anytime soon. we'll see, i reckon. we will see. new york is growing on me... i have a lot of very good friends here (which is what makes me not want to leave. i knew i should have secluded myself inside my apartment and had no fun! ha).. we'll have to see, i guess. i wish i could have the best of both worlds.. maybe i should just try to plan a weekend visit every other month or something that way i'm not so far removed from back home (the place, friends, family, ya know).

i don't know.

i'm studying for the gre. grad school, yay. they weren't lying when they said "college is the best years of your life" it is so very true. i would like to go back, please. haha.
i think i'm going to go to grad school up here.

i've gotten very pale since i moved here.. i always swore i'd never be a pasty northern kid. well. shit. haha

this post is all over the place... i think i find it more appealing to update when i don't make myself stick to structure. usually, i have to plan out what i write, etc...

i moreso dig just typing randomly. true thoughts and shit come out that way. perhaps. or maybe it's more garbled up.

how do you suppose true happiness is achieved? i don't know.

it seems to me.. for the most part as you go through life you're like "this suckkkks". but then down the road you look back and you're like "man, i was such an idiot. that was a great time in my life". i do that a lot. like a year or two from now, ill look back (wherever i am) at where i am now. just starting out on my own in a strange new city with nobody but myself and i will be like wow, those were some amazing experiences.
i'm sure you get what i'm saying..


growing up is hard. life is hard. but that's what makes it worth it i reckon.

i wonder what i should make for dinner..

pbj... and soup. probably. yum. yep.
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