Lil Boi Skip. (riotpixiestyle) wrote,
Lil Boi Skip.

Oh my goodness.. where to start..

I mean, things are going decently. School is good, rugby is good, etc.

I hurt my leg at a tournament last weekend on Sunday. Monday it hurt so bad I went to the ER. I have had nothing but doctor appointment upon doctor appointment since last Monday and continuing on. ER, hospitals, Ortho, eye doctor, dentist, all of them. What the fuck, right? Haha.
Only badly sprained my MCL.. it hurts like a bitch, but it could be worse.

We have souths this weekend in South Carolina. Playing AHO and then from there, who knows yet.

I've decided that when/if I have a child, their tv intake is going to be minimal. I notice thata lot of situations in life seem so surreal sometimes.. movie-like if you will.. And I just get stuck in the notion that like.. When something bad happens its.. a. the end of the world for the moment. or b. it'll iron itself out like it never happened. Life doesn't necessarily work like this, buttttttt. Eh. I just need to reattain (if that's even a word) a better grasp/concept of reality. I don't know if any of that makes sense or not.

Anywho.. I guess I should start reading. Boop be doop.
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