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Chillin Chillin

So I'm home right now. I know I haven't posted in a hot minute.. it's sportatic, ya know..
Last semester, so I'm trying to make sure I do damn well. Well, I have 2 summer classes before I'm 100% done.. but you know what I mean.

Rugby is going well, the lady and I are well and getting better. We hit a bit of a rough spot, but it's shaping out and things seem better than ever. So boo ya. I love her.

For some reason I am sooooo damn tired right now. Thinking about it, I feel like this most Wednesdays. Probably because my Tuesdays are asskickers. Who's to say.

I'm watching Maury and it's talking about missing kids and doing basically a PSA to help find them. It's a good way to use mass media for something more positive. Missing children is always sad to hear about.

I need to read my books.. at least get to chapter 2 in all 4 of them. I tried to read when I took Mia to the dog park.. you'd think it would be a good atmosphere for reading being that it was pretty much dead and not busy what so ever. But no. At least I read like 15 pages in one book.

What to do with myself.. tsk tsk.
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